What Might Be Wrong With Your Home's Hot Tub

When your home's hot tub needs repairs, you almost always want to leave this work to professionals. Remember that a hot tub has electrical wiring that is located near a water source, and this is very dangerous to work around even if you think you've disconnected the power. An incorrectly done repair can also mean sparks or shorting the wires if they should come into contact with water. Note a few things that may be wrong with your hot tub in case it only needs a simple fix that you can manage on your own, or what you might be facing by way of repair bills.

1. The jets only work at a slow speed

When you turn on the jets to the hot tub, you expect the water to move quickly enough so that bubbles form. However, if the water only foams, the motor of the jets may be burning out. When this happens, the motor may not stop working altogether, but it simply slows down and the jets can't move water around very quickly. The motor usually needs to be replaced in these cases.

2. The circuit keeps tripping

If you turn on the hot tub and continuously trip the circuit breaker, don't assume you can or should just keep turning the circuit back on and run the tub. This often means that your home's wiring needs to be replaced so that it can handle the added demands for power of the hot tub itself. If you keep running the tub with inferior or insufficient wiring and power, this can cause the wires to burn out or corrode; in turn, your home may be at risk for an electrical fire.

Also, this constant sudden interruption of power puts added wear and tear on all the parts of your hot tub so that they may need replacing sooner rather than later. Have the home's wiring and circuits checked and upgraded as needed in this case.

3. The tub's wires are burned

If you notice that the wires to the hot tub are burned or corroded, this usually means that there are poor-quality connectors used at the terminals. This is where the wiring connects to the hot tub itself. If the connectors are thin, are made of a cheap plastic, or are very old, they may eventually corrode and the wiring is not protected as the electricity flows through it. You might replace those connectors or have an electrician do that for you.