Pool Shop: Must-Have Accessories to Spice Up Your Pool Parties

When it comes to pool parties, most people associate them with kids, and this demographic is quite easy to please. As long as they can safely splash in the cool water, the children will not require much stimulation. The same does not apply when hosting an adult party. Since adults will not likely be spending their time simply splashing about in the swimming pool, you should look for accessories that will promote mingling and interaction between individuals. Below are some of the must-have accessories you should consider to spice up your adult pool parties.

A floating cooler

One of the latest inventions that can bring utmost convenience to your pool party is a floating cooler. One of the main reasons why people will leave the pool would be to go and refresh their drinks. If the drinks are available to your guests right in the swimming pool, chances are they will spend more time in the water. You can also consider investing in floating glasses that would make it hard for people to spill their drinks while in the pool.

A climbing wall

Another accessory that you could consider to make your pool parties all the more fun and entertaining is a climbing wall. These poolside climbing walls are a relatively new invention. Nevertheless, they are steadily becoming popular with homeowners as they provide an additional activity that can be carried out during a pool party. Once the climbing wall is inflated, it is installed on one side of the pool. There is no requirement for safety harnesses or to have a safety net as your guests can simply tumble into the swimming pool if they are to lose their footing.  

Underwater lighting

When it comes to pool lighting, most people tend to think of lighting solutions that they can install on the perimeter of the swimming pool. This is well and good for ensuring illumination for your pool area once the sun goes down. However, it also means that the interior of your swimming pool will remain dark and probably encourage people to get out of the swimming pool. If you would like to extend your pool party into the late hours of the night, you should consider underwater lighting. These fixtures are typically composed of LED displays and come in an assortment of colours to give you the capability to change the colour of your swimming pool when they are switched on.