What Are the Benefits of Endless Pools?

Thanks to our great climate in Australia, outdoor pools are extremely practical additions to many homes. However, relatively small backyard pools are not necessarily the best thing to train in. If you are heading to your local swimming pool for training sessions but would prefer the flexibility of being able to do so from home, then you may have considered installing a so-called endless pool. Swimming pools of this type can be extremely beneficial for building your swimming strength and stamina, but what are the other advantages?

The Range of Options

Endless pools are not a one-size-fits-all sort of purchase. Like other custom pools, they can be made to measure and designed to suit your specific needs. They will fit into most Australian back gardens and can take up only a very small amount of space, if wanted. In-ground versions are available as well as those which are free-standing. There are so many ways to tailor an endless pool that you may never use anything else for training in again.

Easier for Coaching

As well as being more convenient to train in, an endless pool provides a great deal of convenience for coaches. Your coach can watch your stroke whilst you are working hard but remaining in a fixed position against the onward rushing water. If you want to work out how to gain a competitive advantage, it is simple to set up a video camera and view it back later to pick out any issues you may have with the efficiency of each stroke.

Constant Flow

Swimming against a current that is consistent is a highly beneficial way perfecting your technique. Yes, it will help you to build strength and endurance because you won't be constantly stopping and turning back, but the constant flow also means you get a consistency unavailable in even Olympic sized pool.

Great for Everyone

Because the flow rate of an endless pool is fully adjustable, the use of one is friendly enough for all types of swimmer. You can get beginners to learn different strokes in one, but it will still be challenging enough for club swimmers and those who compete in triathlons and open swimming events.


When set at a moderate rate, the motion of water flowing through an endless pool need not be for strenuous swimming training alone. It can offer a gentle resistance when walking through water which can be highly therapeutic for people recovering from sporting injuries or more serious matters, such as surgery.