Dive In: The Water Is Fine

Well, before you take the plunge, you'll need to know what type of pool you'll be diving into. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to the type of pool that can be installed within your compound. Apart from personal preference, various factors will come into play as you try to pick the best out of the pool of available options. Forgive the pun. Below is a discussion on some of these factors and the type of pool that would best suit each factor.

Functionality and Space

You have personal reasons for wishing to install a residential swimming pool. These reasons will ultimately influence the type of pool that suits your needs. For many homeowners, the need for an enjoyable form of exercise that leaves you feeling rejuvenated is often among the main reasons for investing in a pool. If you're in this category, a lap pool would probably be your best option. Lap pools are intentionally built narrower and longer than ordinary swimming pools.  Their design makes it easier for you to make laps across the length of the pool while making it difficult to swim from width to width. The narrow and long design also makes lap pool a suitable choice if you're working with limited space for pool installation. For the record, the fact that a swimming pool presents the perfect background for your Instagram photos is a valid personal reason for wanting to have a swimming pool.

Nature of Terrain

What lies beneath your intended area of pool installation? Thee answer to this question will have a significant impact on your choice of pool. If the ground beneath is full of gigantic rocks for example, an above-ground swimming pool is probably your best option. Going with this option as opposed to an in-ground pool is a cost-effective option. You'll have avoided the cost of blasting the gigantic rocks in order to make way for the installation of the pool. In addition to being expensive, the blasting exercise is relatively dangerous because it involves the use of explosives (dynamite).


A swimming is a luxurious investment without a doubt. However, you should be prepared to dig much deeper into your pockets for the ultimate luxurious pool. An in-house swimming pool is probably your best choice in this case. Identify a suitable location within the house and make a date with a designer pool builder in your area.